Owner Testimonials

Iíve had my property managed by Success Realty for a number of years. My questions are always answered promptly and they have somehow managed to keep my property rented on a consistent basis with great tenants who pay the rent on time. Amazing!
M. Russell

I mentioned to a co-worker that I intended to rent my home when I transfer in May of 2007. He recommended Success Realty since they take such great care of his rental home. The property manager took the time to answer all my questions, ease my concerns and already found a great tenant whoís ready to move in when I move out. Thanks Success Realty!
Keith K., US Army

I own numerous rentals in Radcliff but live in the beautiful state of Florida. The staff at Success Realty make it look so easy the way they handle all the money, paperwork and occasional headaches that come with being a property manager. They are quick to call me with a problem and even quicker to keep my property in the best shape possible. They make it easier for me to enjoy my retirement!
Teresa, Pensicola

It was getting just too difficult to manage my properties on my own especially with a full-time job and family at home. I made an appointment to talk to the property managers and by the end of our conversations I was convinced they were the right company for me. They took over everything, eased my mind and made me realize that I made the right choice! They are fantastic!
J. Ladd

I thought I could manage my property on my own even though I donít live in Kentucky. It became too much and I just had to find somebody, anybody to do it for me. I was hesitant at first but really felt that I could trust the hard working Property Managers at Success Realty. They have been in business a long time and now I know why. That was years ago and Iím so glad I called them when I did.
Scott, D., US Army, Korea